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The HUMBER PORTAGE is also referred to as the Toronto Carrying Place trail. The following text is from a Province of Ontario Historic Site Plaque located near our house.

Location: Just south of Kleinberg on Islington Avenue.
The Toronto Carrying Place
. The Toronto Carrying Place had its beginnings as an Indian Portage Trail connecting the Humber River which flowed into Lake Ontario, and the Holland River which flowed into Lake Simcoe, and then via the Severn River into Georgian Bay. Later during the fur trade era, it was used by both the French and the English traders. The trail splits at Woodbridge, with one fork crossing the east branch of the Humber and going up the west side of the branch, following roughly the line of Islington Avenue to the vicinity of Kleinberg where it re-crossed the river. This trail was probably used during the seasons when the water was low enough to ford. The other fork stayed on the east side and angled across the country to King Creek, joining the other fork before crossing the river.
Erected by the Town of Vaughan in co-operation with the Vaughan Township Historical Society-1982.

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